Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rock N Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon this weekend!

That's right. This weekend is the big race! All of the time that you've spent preparing for your training, executing your training, finding the right shoes and gear, and fretting over all of that is about to pay off.
Be confident in the fact that you've done all you can up until this point to be prepared for this race.
Take this time between now and Sunday to relax and know that there's nothing that you can do between now and race day that will change your level of fitness. The hay is in the barn.
Make sure that you are getting plenty of rest over these next few days. For me, the most important night to get a good night's sleep is two nights before the race, because the night before I'm always so restless and itching to get going.
We sincerely appreciate everything that you've done to prepare yourselves for this race, and to raise money for such a wonderful organization. I look forward to meeting you all on Friday night, or Sunday morning...
If you have any last minute questions about the race as far as training goes, give me a call at 630.461.1325.

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